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Just like startups, mango trees need plenty of resources and care to grow and produce ripe fruits. These fruits have many different usages for many people. With the help of your startup will be able to thrive just like mangos.

About Gunther

Gunther Wobser

While successfully leading his family owned business LAUDA for 25+ years, Dr Gunther Wobser realized it would be best for his company to innovate in Silicon Valley. After setting up an Innovation Lab at Plug & Play in Sunnyvale, Gunther discovered his interest in startups. Thus he became an Angel Investor, was invited to join the Band of Angels and founded the US company, LP and German counterpart GmbH & Co. KG to invest in promising startups.


Investment Portfolio

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Wordly allows non-native speakers and the hearing-impaired to understand and participate in Video Conference Calls, Live Webinars & Online Trainings



Investment Thesis

We invest in the promising combination of hardware with intelligent software.

No hardware only

No pure software

Hardware is hard. We love it but it has to be pimped up with cool software.

We know that this might exclude some of the most promising startups but we like to focus on what we have expertise in.


Question & Answers


In which phase should a startup be?

As most angel investors, Gunther likes to see a finished product which is ready to sell. Usually there is already some traction and sales should take off the following year. The first months of a startup are usually funded by friends and family before the first external investors come in the so-called seed phase. For more information see the Band of Angels website.

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by its General Partner management corporation, a Georgia corporation

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